Season 1 has been been updated.


Scheduling issues out of the way, we are re-opening registration for Season 1. If you have a team of 5 PC players, we want you to apply!

Visit the link below to request a Team Application! Go go go!

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Season 1 Details

-Teams of 5 players go head to head in a conventional competitive bracket.

-Matches will be best out of 3 BDX Maps, picked at random. All 15 rounds will be played for each match.

-The highest level of Background Checks, Anti-Cheat and Oversight possible for every single match.

-Winner and Loser bracket, and prizes for both!

-Only extremely clean records will be allowed to participate. With the help of the ACI team and MOSS software, you will have confidence in fair play.

-Everything is operated by the NACL staff, from the Website to the VOIP Service, to the Game Server and the Forums, the process is thought out and executed effectively.

-Seasons are designed to be fast and fun. We have difficult schedules too, so we will ensure the Match Making process will be done properly.

-If your team is ready, navigate to Apply to get started!